Glucovite™ Research – Introduction

Glucovite™ is a safe and effective dietary supplement for those individuals who are concerned with Glycemic "spikes" and/or diets that are high in carbohydrates, especially simple carbohydrates. A healthy diet that is low in sugar can promote good health and prevent the onset of certain diseases. Unfortunately, most daily diets are not consistently healthy, and supplementing with Glucovite™ can moderately affect these indulgences and help bring blood glucose levels into balance. Glucovite™ does not claim to eliminate the need to choose nutrient-dense and less refined foods, to control food portions, or to exercise.

Glucovite™ has been subjected to the gold standard of clinical trials and produced excellent results, not only in balancing blood sugar levels but also in providing several other health benefits:

  • Supports healthy weight management
  • Supports digestive health and nutrient absorption
  • Supports normal detoxification



Participants in a double-blind, placebo controlled study experienced a significant reduction in their body's response to meals higher in glucose. Glucovite™ helped moderate the blood sugar spikes that can be associated with eating foods high on the Glycemic Index. Perhaps what is most exciting about these results is that while Glucovite™ can help lower blood sugar, it does not create situations of excessively low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia. Glucovite™ simply helped normalize the way participants reacted to their meals.

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