What is the normal blood sugar level for adults

Extensive research has been devoted to determining the normal blood glucose levels for adults.  The two most commonly used blood glucose readings are the fasting blood glucose and the post prandial blood... READ MORE

List of low glycemic fruits

Fresh fruits are full of fiber ad healthy nutrients, but if you are following a low glycemic index diet plan, it is important to be sure you choose your fruits carefully.  Fortunately, there are many low glycemic fruits that span... READ MORE

High glycemic foods list

As part of a low carb diet, anything on the high glycemic foods list should be eaten very sparingly, or not at all.  The Glycemic Index is a measure of individual foods and how quickly they turn to glucose in the bloodstream.... READ MORE

Low blood sugar level symptoms

Even people who do not have diabetes can occasionally experience low blood sugar levels.  This is the body's natural response to a lack of food, so if it has been too long since your last meal, you may experience... READ MORE

How to treat insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is a precursor to pre diabetes.  If you have insulin resistance, your body produces enough insulin, but your cells are not receptive to the insulin being produced, resulting in strain on the pancreas and... READ MORE

Pre-diabetic blood sugar levels

Diabetes is diagnosed by determining the level of sugar, or glucose, in the blood.  There are ranges for normal blood sugar, pre-diabetic blood sugar levels, and finally, diabetic levels.  Blood sugar can be tested first thing... READ MORE

Glycemic index definition

If you are delving into the world of diabetes and diet concerns, you may find yourself with questions about the Glycemic Index.  The Glycemic Index definition is best described as a number score assigned to foods... READ MORE

Low gi snacks

Low GI snacks are great for stretching the time between meals.  It is important when you have prediabetes or diabetes that you maintain a balanced blood sugar, which can be accomplished in part by having small meals... READ MORE

Reverse prediabetes

Prediabetes is, much like the name implies, a precursor to type 2 diabetes.  In prediabetes, blood sugar levels are higher than for those without diabetes, but not high enough to warrant a diabetes diagnosis.... READ MORE

Foods that raise blood sugar

If you are at risk for diabetes, oneof th emost important things you can learn about is recognizing the foods that raise blood sugar.  Blood sugar control begins with understanding what triggers an increase and learning... READ MORE

Normal blood sugar levels for women

According to the American Diabetes Association, there are certain normal blood sugar levels for women that have been discovered through extensive research.  The normal blood sugar levels have been defined at certain... READ MORE

Low glycemic sweeteners

For many people with diabetes and prediabetes, one of the most difficult adjustments is cutting back on sweets.  If you drink coffee or other drinks with added sweeteners, it may seem almost impossible to eliminate the... READ MORE

Low GI vegetables

Vegetables are some of nature's most perfect foods.  packed with vitamins, nutrients and health giving fiber, vegetables should be a large part of our daily diets.  If you are concerned about blood sugar balance, it is important... READ MORE

High fasting glucose levels

High fasting glucose levels are one of the primary indicators for diabetes, prediabetes, and diabetes risk.  If you have risk factors for diabetes, such as obesity, a sedentary lifestyle or high blood pressure, it may be... READ MORE

Breakfast for diabetics

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, breakfast for diabetics is doubly so.  Our bodies tend to process sugars better later in the day, so a low carb breakfast is the best way to start.  On the other hand,... READ MORE

Hypoglycemia without diabetes

Hypoglycemia in insulin controlled diabetes is a somewhat common occurance, especially in the early stages of insulin treatment, when doses are being adjusted and diet is changing.  Hypoglycemia without diabetes... READ MORE

Diagnostic criteria for diabetes

In this world of elaborate medical tests for just about everything, it seems as though there should be a large set of diagnostic criteria for diabetes.  Unlike many common ailments, however, diabetes is very straightforward,... READ MORE

Correct blood sugar levels

Correct blood sugar levels are simply those that are considered normal at certain times of the day.  Diabetes is not a new condition, so there i a wealth of information to tell us exactly what we can expect from our bodies... READ MORE

Symptoms of diabetes in men

Diabetes is a serious condition that can have lasting effects if left untreated.  Understanding the symptoms of diabetes in men can help you recognize when further medical treatment is necessary, which can prevent... READ MORE

Low blood sugar diet

Whether you have diabetes already or are concerned about your risk factors for it, following a low blood sugar diet can help keep your blood sugar levels balanced, with the added beenfit of feeling better and often... READ MORE

Borderline diabetes diet

When you have borderline diabetes, diet is the most important thing you can change to create an immediate and positive impact on your blood sugar levels.  A diet that is high in processed and sugar foods is a big... READ MORE

Diabetes diet advice

It's a fact that when you get that diagnosis of diabetes, your life is going to change.  One of the biggest changes you will experience is in the foods you eat.  Diabetes diet advice is one of he first things new diabetics... READ MORE

Diabetic breakfast ideas

One of the biggest struggles for newly diagnosed diabetics is adjusting to a different diet.  Breakfast, at least in the traditional sense of the word, can be one of the hardest meals to adjut, because we are conditioned... READ MORE